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Ghana. Camp 2. Visa to Ghana - First Surprises

All great projects starts with a brilliant idea. And everything seems easy on paper. But when it comes to the realization it’s not. On the very first stage of implementation we’ve faced with first problem - a visa.

On the Internet there are two ways to obtain a visa to Ghana: at the embassy and at the airport. Let's say right away that we must choose the first one and do it in advance so that we do not have to endure our adventures and stress.

The package of documents is standard, it is easy to find in the network. ( ) It's better to make an invitation from the Ghanaian, then the embassy will have fewer questions. The visa is made 5 working days and costs about $ 40. Our documents were issued within one working day. Apparently, the consul of Ghana liked them more because we refused to do so.

Visa upon arrival.

In order to issue a visa upon arrival, you need to make a request by mail to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ghana. But it's almost impossible to get an answer from them. But to receive the letter that the mail is full and the application cannot be considered an unlimited number of times.

We were very lucky that we managed to come to an agreement at the airport and get the cherished seal in our passport. Very helped Mark, with whom Slava met at the festival of youth and students in Sochi.

Just saw the flag of Ghana on the badge and decided to get acquainted. The trip was already soon and it was necessary to find someone from Ghana who could help.

As it turned out later - it was the most useful acquaintance for our trip.

Mark sent me an invitation for a visa, which greatly facilitated her receipt.

He arrived at the airport midnight by the call of the customs officer to meet us when Natasha was refused a visa upon arrival.

Mark introduced us to his family, who throughout the trip is trying to make their stay in Ghana as comfortable as possible.

Thank to all of that circumstances we’ve made the first step. More adventures are coming soon…

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