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In 2018, we have chosen Ghana, a country in Northwest Africa, as our target country for development. During a three week program our participants developed projects aimed at raising the standard of living in Ghana.

In 2019,  we dedicatedInchange camps to creating diverse communities aimed at solving many important problems in the world. We held camps dedicated to Artificial intelligence, Sports, Flash mob, 4 rules camps, Freenity. We were focusing on technology and Artificial intelligence and how these two elements can help us creating and running communities across the world which then will bring positive changes globally for various important problems.

In 2020, we plan dedicate camps to Freenity technology. Freenity is a platform designed to create social impact, the platform connects like-minded people so they can build a community and work towards making a positive change. 




Freenity is a platform designed to create social impact. Freenity connects like-minded people to form a community driven by the same passion to create change.

As an example, you come across a Sri Lankan man who is busy clearing plastic from the ocean. He is doing the best he can but has no resources to grow and you really want to support him to be able to make even more of a difference.


Using Freenity you are able to get a page designed for him and have the freedom to add content to raise awareness of the work he is doing and gain more supporters.

The technology has translation, so posts and news can be read in other languages, meaning you can reach more people and raise wider awareness. The page is customised to suit the style of the community. For communities that are unable to create their own content, digital volunteers can be on hand. The community will own their page therefor they have the freedom to choose exactly what goes on to their page.



In 2007 a group of human trafficking survivors came together to create a special organisation to protect human trafficking survivors, ran by survivors. The name SASANE means let’s protect ourselves. SASANE’s vision is to empower each survivor with the skills, knowledge and self-esteem to reach their full potential and their mission is to end the physical and sexual exploitation of women and girls.

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