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Ghana. Camp 2. Some unusual facts.

Ghana Fashion Week 2017.

The model on the photo represents a traditional outfit in the village - a long piece of cloth wrapped around the body with a traditional African pattern. A towel, with which she had just wiped her hands, was casually thrown over her shoulder, and on her head a dress, under which ...

Ghana is developing by leaps and bounds.

Everyone with whom we talked about the future of the country, the prospects of its people, not without enthusiasm, speak about changes.

Changes in the minds of ordinary Africans, changes in climate, in politics, in the development of the country and its emergence on the international arena.

Who knows, there may come a time when the African Union will put forward sanctions against the European Union. Suspends the export of wooden masks and herbal tablets that improve potency in Europe. Here it will be a scandal!

In Ghana, there is a tradition: when a person dies, such posters make for him.

Depending on the well-being of relatives, they can be on an A4 sheet or on a billboard near the house. And for a long time, the poster can remain on this place, reminding of the person who left him.

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