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Ghana. Camp 2. Religion.

From our notes, you could already understand that in Ghana, much attention is paid to religion. We were twice at the Sunday services in the Baptist church and want to tell you that this is a real reality show.

Songs, dances, orchestra and fiery speeches, tears, confessions. Pastor conductor, singer, coach, and stand-up at the same time. His performance ignites hearts, drowns ice and makes people jump from their seats or fall in a fit of "divine frenzy."

Pastors are the main stars of such speeches. Their speeches are watched on TV and listen on the radio in every second Ghanaian car or tro-tro. They can travel with sermons and conferences around the world.

At every step, you stumble upon billboards, billboards, and advertisements with speeches of preachers.

Tickets are divided into several price categories. According to the type of concert: dance floor, parterre, VIP . Being a touring pastor is an economically very attractive prospect. I wonder, do they have a CD?

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