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Ghana. Camp 2. The end of the expedition.

Today the soap carefully stored in the boxes is waiting for the hour to break. This year the product will be presented to investors in Paris. Preparation for an important event is in full swing.

The booklets are edited, translated into French and English, labels, packaging and other necessary "clothing" for soap are ordered in the printing house.

The budget and our forces are very limited, so we without fireworks and girls in swimsuits will try to sincerely tell about the social idea of the project "People help people."

Ahead of the New Year, which means miracles will happen! We, the Ghana Soap team, met each other 4 months ago, lived together for almost a month and worked hard in Malta, already went to the exploration in Ghana - is not this a miracle?

This is magic. Therefore, we will succeed!

The starry hour Ghana soap struck. The idea, the product, the flow is all put together. Boxes for product presentation are ready. Exhalation.

P.S. From myself I will add that it turned out perfectly!

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