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Ghana. Camp 14. Recycle.

What can we do with the old plastic Egg cartons and the toilet paper rolls?

InChange project cares about the environment! We do recycle and try to reduce our materials as much as possible but is this really enough? Recycling still requires a lot of effort, energy and other resources so what if we could reuse some of our everyday stuff?

During the Camp 14 we set up a challenge for that by saving in a separate bag our toilet paper rolls and our eggs cartons and we tried to find creative and funny ways to utilise them! We came up with crafty 2 projects! Hooray! For this post we are presenting the first one as it was dedicated to our home!

  1. A Hive full of Bees mobile!

Materials (most of them already at home!): -toilets paper rolls

-1-2 big egg cartons

-yellow acrylic colour and an old shower sponge

-yellow, white and black pipe wires

-old papers/ wrapping papers that can cover the rolls (preferably black/ yellow/ beige etc)/ magazines

-glue/ sellotape/ thread / stapler/ thin rope

- Googly eyes in different shapes

-A strong but flexible wire ( being long enough to hang up your mobile)


Bees from the plastic cartons are loading…

A toilet paper roll is getting transformed to a hive!

Our… pirate bee is ready to take off!

And with a bit of fantasy and creativity we ended up with this amazing mobile for our living room:


What did you reuse today?

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