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Ghana. Camp 2. People who helped.

People such people

At times it seemed to us that without African assistants we would have coped with the tasks in Ghana faster and better. Sometimes it turned out that they were saving us ... or on the contrary, they were drowning, they were helping out, they did not understand what we wanted, there were thoughts that it was a conspiracy, and they were against us at all.

But honestly - without all the people who met us in Ghana, it was impossible to fulfill the mission of the trip.

Yes, there were difficulties. Were and passed. But how without them?

At the end of the trip, we wanted to say thank you, in Russian and invited everyone to the cafe. (financial department - exhale this dinner was at our expense).

We could not choose a place for a long time, we could think about it. We Asked Everyone:"Where do you go to spend a pleasant evening with your family, quietly dine?"

Reader, are you sitting? It is better to sit down and exhale. The Gantsy declared everything as one: "The best place for such a family, the sweet evening is the cafe ... KFC".

Internal courtesy did not allow us to invite everyone to eat wings and French fries.

An alternative was chosen - a simple "Frankie's Food" cafe. We prepared the money in advance but did not consider one African rule.

From time immemorial it reads as follows: "If you invite Ghanaian to a cafe, then know that he will come not alone, but with a couple of friends / girlfriends.

We were very discouraged, but not to expel them. Evening, despite this discrepancy, was very good and really warm!

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