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Ghana. Camp 2. About services in Ghana.

Service for Africans is a very abstract concept.

We have a "smile for free". Then, if you buy fruit in the market, and the seller is smiling at you, it's likely that 2-5 cedi has already paid for it.

The car rental market is in its infancy, as is the market for adequate housing. Wheelbarrows are awkward old and very expensive.

With insurance and a charge for mileage, the average car will cost you $ 90-200 per day.

Next, gasoline almost 5 cedi is 1 dollar per liter! Wow. Since old cars often break down, gasoline consumes much more data stated in the technical data sheets.

If you rented a house, car or bike, and at first everything was working properly and as the clock does not rush to rejoice, wait again. This is how the missionary Tanya always happens to share everything with us.

We did not understand, but when the internal light stopped working in our car, then opening the trunk and the rear doors, and after the brake fluid flowed, everything fell into place and cleared up.

A separate point I will say that the concept of "road" is similar to the concept of "service", that is very peculiar.

The mainline, high road and main highway are dilapidated coverings, with such holes that it is possible to plant coconut palms successfully.

Traffic on the roads is borrowed from India. That is, do not think that if you rented a car, you can easily view all the beauties of the country, comfortably and quickly.

Then about housing. We moved 5 times, paid from 40 to 100 cedi for two people per day. There is no adequate, pleasant, clean and inexpensive housing with wi-fi. There are either super expensive hotels, where we were afraid to show ourselves, or nightmare.

Nightmare is divided into 2 types: 1) total horror 2) acceptable horror. The first type includes rooms in which they have not been removed from previous tenants, they are usually very close, with a rather unpleasant atmosphere, concisely complemented by the aroma of old age and dampness. The second type is the room is not new, not super clean, but one with which you can accept and accept what is happening.

Again, thanks to Tanya, we found Paradise in Accra for foreigners. When we first came into this place and we were shown our places, I squealed for a long time jumping - so beautiful and clean everything here I saw.

Friends, we bring to your attention a guesthouse at Christiansborg Baptist Church Baptist Church is located on Abebrese Street in the center of the OSU area. The locations and living conditions are simply SHICK. And attention - the first time we saw wi-fi and hot water. I know that for you it just sounds, but after the village of Ghanaian, you start to appreciate the benefits of civilization in a different way. Since behind the wall, there is a church in one room only the married guests settle, everyone else is offered to be accommodated in different rooms.

Payment 50 cedi per person per day. And this is the best offer in Accra on the price/quality ratio, believe me. All who will be in Ghana, we recommend nothing to look for and go straight through.

The streets of Accra are teeming with benches and stalls, plus more traders with hands that scurry from person to person offering a variety of goods.

Ghana refers to the category of countries where, when buying on the market, the price immediately puts a markup on bargaining.

Therefore, if you bought the goods at the original price, then you overpaid 3-5 times. Do not bargain in Ghana - this is a bad form.

Usually, the scheme is this: the seller offers you a price, you divide it by 2 and subtract another 20%. The task in the process of bargaining is to give the trader no more than this 20 %. If at that moment a sadness appeared on the face of the merchant, it means that you have fallen into the real price for this product. You can negotiate.

Note: in the tourist areas (where everything is more expensive than on the local market), you need to divide the price indicated by the seller by 3-5.

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