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Ghana. Camp 2. Bojo Beach.

Since childhood, we know that neighbor's apples are much more delicious than those grown in their garden.

On the last day we decided to have a small celebration and for the first time will go to a nice beach. As we were told this place is for golden youth and rich foreigners called Bojo Beach.

We, as people who do not belong to any of these categories, went there on the tro-tro. The road to one side took 2 hours, plus the entrance was paid. 15 sit with the person.

But we already arrived, so we switched on the "get pleasure" mode to the maximum.

Total: the beach is quite ordinary, nothing special and all the more chic in this place there. Periodically splashing around in the waves, a plastic bag can come to the head. You come out beautifully, in a wig. Food and drinks on the beach there, but local molested the same not. Nicely.

We read under the umbrella almost 3 hours, Slava managed to get burned. The level of "enjoying the beach" reached a peak, it became boring and we slowly started to get home.

Moving to the exit, they noticed a ripe coconut that hung very low. And probably were the first foreigners who stole coconuts in the territory of an expensive hotel.

And a little more about the situation on the roads

24 hours a day Accra is drowning many kilometers of traffic jams.

Everything boils from the heat: cars, asphalt, passengers, road vendors. The system of ridiculous circular crossroads, not observance of traffic rules, the absence of sidewalks and pedestrian crossings - all this aggravates the situation. And after a week's stay in Accra begins to really enrage.

But the Gants are very fond of the holiday, demonstrations, songs and laughter. Marches in honor of the "60th anniversary of the school of St. Stephen", "In honor of a good day and a walk", "In honor of anything" are held on the main streets of the capital every other day. Of course, the already dead movement is completely rolled for the time of the demonstration.

The new InChange teams, which will participate in future races, we sincerely recommend paying attention to the theme of transport in Ghana. This is a huge, complex and interesting task.

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