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Ghana. Camp 2. Idea of Soap.

What else for #ghanasoap? 6 initiative people came together to create a project that could help one African country - Ghana. There is in this country a product that we find very attractive for the Western market - Alata Samino, Black soap. It is made in small villages of coconut ashes, Shea Butter, and cocoa beans. Based on this product, we want to build a social business.

About the idea. Black soap is well known abroad due to its useful properties and natural composition. As a basis, we took this national product, and only developed a package and a business model that will work in the European market.

Thanks to this, we plan to create additional jobs, provide decent pay, and part of the profit to invest in educational projects in Ghana.

Our idea interested investors, and we got the opportunity to go to Ghana to study the production and purchase a trial lot, as well as learn the specifics of doing business and exporting in Ghana.

Next step. For the first trip to Ghana, the general decision was made by two members of the Ghana Soap team: Natasha and Slava. More about the guys you can read on the facebook links:

The road from Moscow to Ghana lay across Portugal. Unfortunately, Lisbon could not be inspected - the docking was rather short, plus the intense atmosphere was squeezed out because I did not have a visa.

Until the last minute, it was not clear whether they would put me on a plane to Ghana or the story of Ghana Soap would continue without my participation. Slava was confident that the work on the project in Africa, we can continue together, in the end, and it happened. Folk wisdom says: "in Africa, you can always agree." All it was possible, has grown together, has stuck together and has coincided. Together we continue our journey on the Ghanaian land. All legally) And in Lisbon we will take a walk on the way back.

# lifehack.

When you fly together and an electronic check-in is available, select the places near the window and the aisle. There is a chance that the chair between you will remain free, which greatly improves the flight. When flying to Ghana, only on one of the 3 segments of the flight was the third passenger attached to us. It was the shortest and lowest flight in our travel practice: Lomé-Ghana (169 km and only 35 min). About how we received a visa, read the following blog!


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