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Expedition in Ghana / First project of our camp / Who is Mino Takobi?

Our life is amazing! You never know what comes next. Could I imagine just a few months ago that I would go to Ghana soon? Hardly. Everything has changed in August. I decided to participate in the project camp on Malta. It was organized by an organization called Internet Nation and its collaboration with co-working station Smena. During three weeks with active and open minded guys (I finally found my soulmates, yay!) we were creating a volunteer project for the people of Ghana.

The main idea was to create an educational online platform by which Ghanaians will be able to read news and articles about healthy and conscious lifestyle. They can learn English and communicate with their soulmates too.

We created a character who helps the user during educational progress.

We called him Mino Tacobi. He adheres humanistic ideology and most important, in our opinion, values: do not lie, do not steal, do not demean and do not limit the freedom.

Why Ghana? It is for us a good country to start with, because the main language is English and so there is a lesser chance to misunderstand each other. I

Now it should be said that nowadays there are a lot of organizations that have the goal of helping Africa. Often those projects fail, because of the cultural differences between the aid provider and the recieving community.

That is why it was important for us to find a new approach to solve this problem. We tried to find new ways to teach people how to act as masters of their own destiny and that they have the power to achieve everything- without neglecting their cultural background.

Our efforts have paid off and the project received a chance to live - we got funded! Here it is! Everything became more real, challenging and even more exciting!

With the support by Internet Nation my teammate Marina and I have been in Ghana. We could explore the current situation in the country, communicate with the locals and discover their opinions about our project. We gather information from the people of different ages and various occupation. Most of them liked our ideas and were very interested. Many wanted to keep in touch with us and to participate in its implementation. There are also those who said "it would

be difficult but in no case do not stop because the goal is noble and the result will pay all the efforts!" It was important for us to hear that!

Withhin 2 weeks we learned a lot about Ghana: about the economic and political situation, about traditions and, first of all, about people. They are really wonderful there - such hospitality is not common nowadays.

All this time we immersed ourselves in culture. We tried the traditional cuisine, went by public transport (just like local ones!) and played African musical instruments.

If you move a little bit away from the center of Accra, the beaches are awesome! The Gulf of Guinea became very beloved to us as well! Lifetime experience!

If you move a little bit away from the center of Accra, the beaches are awesome! The Gulf of Guinea became very beloved to us as well! Lifetime experience!

It is great to realize that such organizations like InChange exist and give an opportunity to make the world a better place, create your own projects and subsequently implement them! I wish more people knew about that!

Thanks to Internet Nation and their platform InChange Camp not only for providing free accommodation in outstanding Maltese villa for 3 weeks and working with professionals of their field but also for feeling of personal contribution to the development of the society we live in.This is a challenge to yourself and your own endurance test. This is invaluable background which you can use in the future.


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