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Ghana. Camp 2. A few facts about Ghana.

A surprising feature of Ghana: an instant change of day and night. Dawn and dusk in 10 minutes (we've marked). 6:10 and absolutely light and 18:10 and nothing is visible, uncover the flashlight.

The most popular mode of transport in Ghana is Tro-Tro. It is an analog of our minibus, which operates on the principle "until it's full, we're not going."

In the photo, our first trip to tro-tro.

There are even additional folding chairs in the aisle. They look very dangerous, but they save the system of public transport Accra.

In Ghana, a lot of traffic jams and local traders use it. You can buy absolutely everything from the car window. You, probably, have thought that I exaggerate, saying "everything". Not a drop. Really everything.

Chips, water, jeans, washing powder, chocolate, glasses, towel, puppy, pineapple and phone. And about the puppy - this is not an auto-replacement. Really walk and wear puppies in the basket on your head! You can buy parrots by the way.

Imagine the situation as you go home from work and think: "So, I need to buy bread, powder, T-shirt, but the puppies are for sale, I'll take one, perhaps."

Remember in one of the past blogs, we said that we are going to the graduation to the university? Here is the report ...

Our friend Teddy received a diploma at the university and invited us to his graduation. On this occasion, we put on the most ceremonial clothes and went to the University of Accra.

The campus of the university is very quiet, an unusually clean place, which surprised us pleasantly.

Graduation is that the family members and friends of the former student gather, bring food and drinks, and break a small picnic on the lawn near the main building. Especially for this is organized a plastic rental Furniture and arbors, and around scurrying photographers offering their services as traders on the market.

There we met Teddy's family and spent the evening with them, and his grandmother gathered us a whole package of food with him. Because "grandmother's mission is to feed" this concept is international.

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