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Ghana. Camp 2. People.

This blog we want to devote to people with whom we interact, who help us, advise, help ...In general, we do everything possible for the successful implementation of our mission

Slava met Mark accidentally at the festival of youth in Sochi. Just saw the flag of Ghana on the badge and decided to get acquainted. The trip was already soon and it was necessary to find someone from Ghana who could help.

As it turned out later - it was the most useful acquaintance for our trip.

Mark sent an invitation to the visa, which greatly facilitated her receipt.

He arrived at the airport at midnight by the call of the customs officer to meet us when Natasha was refused a visa upon arrival.

Mark introduced us to his family, who throughout our trip is trying to make staying in Ghana as comfortable as possible.

This is Michael Amponsah-Ababio - Mark's father. He is the pastor of a small Pentecostal church (one of the Baptist branches) in the suburbs of Accra. And he also makes shoes, and this makes a living.

Michael is the friendly head of a large traditional African family. He likes fu-fu, extravagant suits with sparkles like Philip Kirkorov, dances, drums and wheelbarrows. Thanks to his acquaintance with Mark, he accepted us as relatives. Helps in difficulties, often acts as an interpreter. Not all locals in Ghana speak good English, many use Ashanti, this greatly hinders our communication. Michael on Sunday holds incendiary sermons in the church whose essence is usually the same: love one another, rejoice, do not lie, be attentive to your neighbors, lead the right way of life and power will come with you.

The whole family of Mark is involved in our expedition.

Photo was taken during our trip to the jungle

Slava, Natasha, Michael art., Mark, Joseph, Michael Jr.

In the family of Pastor Michael, three adult children. About the average son Mark you already know, my youngest daughter is Miriam. She is still a schoolgirl, but she has great prospects.

In the photo above the favorite family cafe in the OSU "Papaye" area.

  • The first-born of the family is called the same as the father-Michael. He was also at the festival in Sochi. He appreciated the beautiful girls, the cold and goulash. Quiet, judicious guy, many times drove us on business and rescued in unusual situations. He does not like fu-fu as well as Slava, he usually orders rice with meat sauce.

  • Michael's wife is standard in my understanding of the dark-skinned woman Mary. Lush, with a little old-fashioned styling and traditional false nails beautiful African. She wears exclusively feminine dresses, she has a full evening toilet in the church on Sundays: a dress on the floor, lots of gold, a hairdo, makeup. She is the keeper of the hearth, supports the husband in everything. In the cafe, she prefers fried chicken.

All names in this family begin with the letter M. They themselves call themselves "family MMMMMM" by the number of family members.

We continue to talk about people.

The first Ganz, with whom the Ghana Soap team entered into the dialogue was the charming guy Christian Dziwornu.

The dialogue was implemented via Skype, the location of the Internet Nation base in Malta, the Russian language. Yes Yes. We spoke with Christian in Russian, because he successfully studied at the Mining University in St. Petersburg, lived in a hostel, ate borsch and knows what Russian winters are like. Our first conversation lasted several hours. We discussed many issues and problems of Ghana confirmed the need and the possibility of implementing the Ghana Soap project.

Christian is very erudite, cheerful, contact and surprisingly kind person. He was always open to questions and willingly responded to our numerous messages social networks. Despite his intense employment in Accra (teaches at the University), Christian was able to give us time and we met in person. I imagined it differently, but not a bit disappointed. We are grateful for his help and we hope that our paths will cross on.

Still, in the family "MMMMM" there is a couple of brothers of Michael and Mary. We regret the subscribers and will not list all. But still, there is a diamond among them. Meet, Mr. Joseph Cleland Okine!

He reminds me of a guy from GTA, especially when we go somewhere by car. The music plays from the game immediately, and it seems that we are doing the next mission. A very atmospheric guy who constantly solves something on his huge phone that holds a charge for two weeks.

We got the impression that he has friends everywhere. Yesterday he brought us to the hotel to his brother, where he placed at a discount. It's a pity that the hotel was more like a stash and there was loud music until midnight, otherwise they would live longer.

And finally, we want to talk about our new friend in Ghana, the meeting with which was very unexpected. His name is Teddy and he was also at the festival, although I did not see him there.

Just one day Mark called and said that his friend wants to tell us "Hello." At this point, we were just about to go to the market in Accra, so we were glad to the company.

Just one day Mark called and said that his friend wants to tell us "Hello." At this point, we were just about to go to the market in Accra, so we were glad to the company.

In fact, I do not know what we would do there without it. The whole day (and running ahead I will say, not one) Teddy spent with us in search of people who produce soap. A huge market in the center of the capital is not the safest and cleanest place. This is a real slum inside the city, where no one expects white guests. Most of the people in the market do not speak English and Teddy on his own initiative worked as an interpreter, security guard, and guidebook at the same time.

And tomorrow he invited us to the University for a graduation ceremony, because Teddy is now a bachelor of Psychology. We are very happy for him and want to see how students synchronously throw their caps up …

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