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Ghana. Camp 2. Manufacture of soap.

These uncles turned into colorful sheets, not after the bath. These are the elders of the community, they are also deputy leaders (now the leader in travel). What do they decide? In fact, everything.

How much cocoa beans to send to export, where to tie a goat today, which house to build.

If you want to conduct any business in Ghana, it is better to agree on this with the leader in the right region. Get an official consent to the activities, and just wondering the same look at the live LEADER. This is in 2018)

At the reception to the leader you need to bring an offering - a bottle, and preferably two strong spirits, you need to clearly articulate your mission and goal, to outline the pros of the proposal in more detail. Communication occurs exclusively through an interpreter. The language barrier speaks of the lack of diplomas about education among the leaders.

So, friends. We have already mentioned the main purpose of our trip. This is a soap expedition, so let's talk about the main thing.

Soap is cooked in several regions of Ghana according to a traditional recipe. All the photos and videos that we show below are geographically made in the central region.

The composition of the soap is simple, understandable and pleasant: ash shell cocoa nuts, palm oil, water.

Alternately, the ingredients are placed in a cauldron, under which a fire is bred.

As the temperature rises, everything starts to boil and melt. In the beginning, nothing interesting, just a remelting of raw materials.

Approximately in the middle of the process, it is necessary to intensively stir the mass, then "reduce the heat" and leave the cauldron at rest .... and the soap starts to rise!

As a dough! Incredibly, the mass grows at least twice! Immediately after this, the boiler is removed from the fire, allowed to rest a little and the hot soap begins to form.

The top layer is a light, almost white foam. From it make soap "balls" such Alato Samino the most gentle and easy, without flavoring has a light ash aroma.

After the froth is removed from the boiler, the beige Alato Samino is removed. Our option! This soap is heavier and dense, it is more formable and is stored longer.

Excellent foams, has a pleasant cream color, WITHOUT the smell. Traditionally, it is molded into pails lined with kraft paper, tightly sealing the mass with hands. The weight of one bucket is about 500 grams.

The soap is placed in plastic bags and left to rest.

In the morning, this product can already be bought in the local market.

The next blog we want to devote to people with whom we interact, who help us, advise. In general, we do our best to successfully implement our mission ...

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