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Ghana. Camp 2. Food and drinks.

The commanded tandem of the Ghana Soap team today studied the full-fledged production of palm wine. The output of the product is 80 degrees. Hooot!

So, to the details. Initially, a canister from under the engine oil is recruited fresh palm juice. Next, it settles in large barrels for three days.

Staggering sommeliers told in detail and enthusiastically about their work, offered to try the wine at all stages of production. Fresh palm juice according to Slava according to the taste of sugar syrup, and we did not test the final products because we do not drink alcohol.

The degree of the product rises to 4-5. Well, afterward a standard home-made device comes into operation.

Somewhere in a distant African village, deep in the jungle grows cocoa bean, which is destined to become the tile of chocolate on your table. Do you want to know his story ??

First, the bean is collected in the caring hands of a woman who puts it in a common heap. There he is picked up by a man with a machete and opens it, separating the pulp from the shell.

The resulting pile is covered with sheets and left for a week. After the beans are laid out on the tables, where they have to dry. In the course of this, they are constantly hand-picked to separate the excess flesh.

Dried beans are loaded in bags and sent to large factories, where they are turned into a powder from which chocolate is made.

But that's another story …

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