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Ghana. Camp 2. Adventures in the jungle.

Perhaps this day will become legendary, who knows because the goals of IN are very ambitious.

Today, November 14, 2017, and we moved into the real jungle, to the north of Ghana, to look for small villages that brew traditional soap. We want to study the process of black soap production, to acquire necessary contacts of manufactures and suppliers, to buy a trial lot, in parallel, without neglecting the products for the plan. B: There must always be a plan B, do you agree? The airbag will be oils and other types of soaps, which will probably be more to the liking of the European consumer.

The Alato Samino affiliation exists. It's found. After a long search today, we purchased several samples, we run to the shower to test the most famous black soap.

In the center, the future head of the Ghana soap head office in Accra.

With the Gans, it's incredibly difficult to negotiate and have a business relationship. The concept of time, responsibility is very blurred. If you see an educated person in a jacket and think: "Well this guy is exactly serious and responsible." No. No. And no. The presence of a jacket and a diploma does not oblige him to keep his promise.

And such a history in almost all processes, where people are involved.

In the existing processes, it seems that risks have already been laid on the fact that both sides will inevitably pile up .And they are innocently happy with these obligations.

It's the same on the road. And in state structures. And in the church. And in the market. And in life.

We have a lot of meetings, we hardly eat much on the go. Ghana is not a tolerant country for vegetarians. The fifth day fried rise.

Today all day we are lost in the jungle where there is practically no network. We went to see how they lived in the Ghanaian village, went there to school, met with the leader and ate fu-fu. We will soon tell you everything ...

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